Hello, world!

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This project (site) is for creating API gateways that operate via email, i.e. you can use a REST API by sending an email.

Below are some details that will help you get started.


Here's how you do stuff:

For example, you can run npm run serve and then go to localhost:1111 in your browser to see the websites. As you make changes to the code or content, the website will be updated.


Content is stored in markdown text files located within the content directory. Files named _index.md are called "sections", and files by any other name ending in .md are called "pages". For more information you can read the zola documentation. It is written in markdown and inserted into the html via the "template", which is indicated on the top of the content.


Templates are in the templates directory. Their purpose is to decide where in the html the content goes. The content is accessible to the template as a variable named either section.content or page.content, depending on the context.


This website uses tailwindcss for most of its styling. Additional styling can be added in the sass/input.scss file, but usually it is not necessary to add any custom styling. This file is compiled by zola from sass into normal css, and then from there it is read by tailwind which adds whatever additional styling is referenced in the html, resulting in a file called style.css, which is what is used by the website.


Since Zola generates content from markdown files, the Typography plugin is more or less mandatory.

The tailwind typography plugin is used to style content that is generated from markdown. Any child elements that are nested within an element that has the class prose will receive the styling. The default styling can further be customized in the tailwind.config.js file.

Dependencies and Tools